My criticism of feminism and feminist theories.

I am doing this in response to those who claim that the  Atheist community does not view feminism with nuance.
1. Feminism is too broad and made up of ideas that are self contradictory. This is toxic because it has made feminism a label that anyone can adapt and use it as a tool for his or her own agenda.
2. Feminism’s being broad makes it very easy to dismiss any criticism as a generalization about the cause. Which makes the cause less likely to adapt good ideas and evolve.  In feminist circles since there is no free market of ideas the popular ideas are accepted and nuanced but un popular ideas are thrown away.

3. It is a cult that promotes guilt by dissociation. When you choose to refuse to identify with the label feminist they will associate you with those that are their philosophical enemies rather than judging you as an individual with individual criticism of the idea of feminism. Feminism also does a good job at making any criticism of the idea a criticism of women as a group.

4. Most of its members are not open to a discussion of ideas without mentioning of identity and name calling to dismiss any legitimate criticism.

5In the context of the west it applies cultural Marxism to look for equal outcomes.

6. The biggest problem I have with it in the context of the west is that it is not open to peer review its works. It views peer review as a form of censorship yet Ironically wants to censor opposing theories like the theory of evolutionary psychology.

When broken down by the feminist theory types and my take of each type of well known feminist theories.

1. I am open and respectful of the idea of Liberal Feminism because it keeps key western values like individual liberty and personal responsibility (which is the minority of feminists in the west). On the side note this very closely related to egalitarianism.

2. Radical Feminism is a combination of all the contradicting feminist ideas with a radical look at the world. It is often times anti western culture and capitalism. I would say I dislike this element of feminism because it is openly bigoted. (which is the loud minority in colleges and on tumbler)

3. Marxist and Socialist Feminism I dislike this category of feminism because it treats men and womyn as a class rather than as individuals with individual choices. Besides that it is intellectually dishonest to say that womyn are oppressed in the west because the data’s say otherwise. (It grows quicker when the economy is bad)

4. Cultural Feminism I can say I hate this because it has been used to justify inhumane practices like FGM, rape cultures in non western countries and oppression of women who come from Muslim communities.

5. Eco-Feminism for this it is a form of religion and sorry I am an atheist who loves eating meat.

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