My reply to the Proposal for an Alt Left Political Program as a politically agnostic individual.


Let me begin by acknowledging that the regressive left has abandoned liberal values and that we need a strong cultural war to be fought in order to restore those values and ideals. I would also love to thank each and everyone who is taking part in this cultural war from the great authors to the individuals supporting them and making the battle of ideas last long and helping each and everyone of us learn through thoughtful work and discussions with the aim of making us learn from the mistakes we might have done or the informations we were not aware of. I would like to encourage you to read the other bloggers blog before reading this in order to understand this In order to understand my take more accurately and also get the bloggers point of view correctly. Here is the link to the original blog. The original blog

The blogger begins by saying that the Alt left needs a coherent economic theory which I totally agree with but I am of the belief that the economic plan should be made after having an in group battle but even then they should be open to the idea of modifying their economic plans based on the outcome and  current state of affairs in the world. I am for what I call economic consciousness and agnosticism which would be that you will stance for an economic system is based on current events,  possible outcomes and consequences. I would like to see the alt left being a group that understands the importance of context and given situations when talking about economics. For example free market capitalism will not save many people when artificial intelligences  begin taking most human jobs and the lower to middle class of our society will not have any function during this time the  state will have to choose between getting rid of the lower and middle class or redistributing wealth since in a free market they will be no function for the lower and middle class during this situations. However each of the decisions will have a consequence for  example when getting rid of them the lower and middle class will not sit and watch you they will do everything in their power to resist being extinct and it could lead to chaos and violence. On the other hand redistribution of wealth will lead to a rise in population and make the dating market much more competitive since all the men will have the same amount of wealth.


The author goes on to give a detailed explanation of his economic plan.

1 His economic plan involves raise wages on the bases of effort and time, and increasing employment rate to its highest potential. While I am okay with raising wages on the bases of effort the question I have  would be how much effort should be reward and at what cost.

2 I totally agree that “Alt Left should reject the myth that taxes are required to finance government spending.”

3 My criticism of the idea that government should create meaningless jobs would be to what degree and how much should the government pay this employees and who can employe them through the state. My questions and perhaps fear with the state creating random jobs to make its citizens happy would be that the state would make itself an exception to the minimum wage policy and perhaps work with corporations the privilege to get people working for a lower wage through using the state’s employment system .

4 I do believe in protectionism but the difference is that I advocate for  individuals and collectives to make use their buying power to stop corporations that don’t work for their national interest because the state is too corrupt to protect our interest.

  1.  “Governments should reject privatisation of social services and infrastructure.” I agree to some degree for example I believe in the idea that the government should make internet service a human right because I believe for democracy to work the public has to be well informed and what better way to be informed and in touch with  the world than having access to free high speed internet.  But they should be competition in education and other infrastructures that the state could use to misinform the public.  In terms of higher education I believe that everybody is entitled to a certain amount of money that would cover more than half that cost of their education but should also have the option to serve the public nationally or in a community and get free education from the government funded school that they can qualify to get in.
  2. I am against stopping  foreign ownership of public assets, infrastructure, key industries and large-scale foreign ownership of real estate  but I am for limiting and regulating them.
  3. I am against a nationalised economy at the current day and age when the average person does not question authority because absolute power corrupts and since there is little to no backlash for the failures of the state and its corruptions.
  4. I some what agree with having a progressive tax.

On social issues.

  1.  Though I agree with making the blogger in that the alt left should stand for women’s rights  and lgbt rights without believing in the sjw garbage being spewed in the regressive camps I also want to point out that we should try to abstain from identity politics and focus on an ideas driven politics thus our stance for lgbt rights and women’s rights should be based on our idea of individual liberty and nothing less or more.
  2. I agree that the alt left should stand for freedom of speech and expression.
  3. I also do agree with supporting a secular state and in fact I even go further and say we should support the idea of spreading secularism using technology and other means.
  4. I totally disagree on the alt left continuing the “anti imperialist” culture of the left. No we should support our empire if the corporations are collaborative enough to share what they get why shouldn’t we be collaborative enough to support them in their means of getting what they want.
  5. I agree w that the alt left should create a culture that is intolerant of intolerance and that will push back against regressive islamic and other fundamentalist ideas. I also believe in creating an assimilation process by having an american culture class that is part of the green card requirement.

6.The Alt Left needs a sane and pragmatic policy on immigration. I agree with that in fact one of my ideas was to make the government get the money for immigration from those who want it to exist and the immigration services becoming a private service rather than a government service and also making adapting to the culture with in seven years part of the requirement for citizenship and making them pay more taxes such that if they don’t pass citizenship requirement they can be deported without wasting taxpayers money and if they qualify for citizenship after seven years of living here and making sure that they have passed the cultural adaption test then we can give them normal taxation but still if they commit a crime they will be enough money to deport them from the extra taxes that they pay.

  1. I also strongly agree in acknowledging and perhaps making the nuclear family stronger and educating people on its advantages.

I would like to end this blog by encouraging everyone to read the groups within the alt left and the objectives of each group. I am still skeptical about being an alt left but I will keep enjoying their work, philosophy and discussion. 

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